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Glaucoma Treatment

What is Glaucoma  ?

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A group of disorders known as glaucoma cause harm to the optic nerve. At the rear of the eye, the optic nerve conveys visual information to the brain, assisting with visualisation. Blindness could occur as a result of optic nerve damage. Optic nerve injury caused by exceptionally high pressure is common in glaucoma. The optic nerve damage could eventually lead to blindness.

According to some reports, glaucoma is the main reason why adults lose their vision. A few forms of glaucoma cause minimal to no symptoms in the sufferer. The impact is gradual to the point where it would not become apparent until the condition has progressed significantly.

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Blurry Vision
Peripheral Vision Loss
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Redness of the Eyes
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Severe Eye & Forehead pain
Halos Around Lights
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Blind Spots in Field of Vision

How Do I Know If I Have Glaucoma  ?

To know if you have glaucoma, you should look for symptoms such as gradual vision loss, peripheral vision problems, eye pain, or blurred vision. However, it is crucial to consult an eye doctor for a proper diagnosis, as glaucoma often has no noticeable symptoms in the early stages.

Advanced Technology & Diagnostic Tools  ?

For your eye health, our cutting-edge technology suite offers prompt diagnosis and improved results.


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Treatment Options ?

With the most cutting-edge glaucoma management choices currently available, recover your eyesight and restore your life.

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Presccription Eyedrops

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Oral Medications

Ologen Assisted Filtering Surgery

Glaucoma Valv/ Shunt

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Drainage Tubes

The glaucoma valve is one of the most recent glaucoma treatment options that aid in reducing intraocular pressure while maintaining adequate aqueous outflow. while glaucoma persists despite taking the recommended amount of medicine and while treating difficult glaucoma patients, this method is one of the preferable therapeutic options.

Good To Know Glaucoma Questions

Is glaucoma a common disease?

A common eye condition called glaucoma can harm the optic nerve. Loss of vision is the result of this damage to the optic nerve, which carries signals from the eyes to the brain. Visual loss could become permanent if it is not adequately addressed. The most frequent cause of glaucoma is a shift in intraocular pressure (IOP), which is the pressure of the eye’s internal fluid.

About 70 million people worldwide suffer from glaucoma. Over 80 million people will be affected by glaucoma disease globally in 2020, and over 111 million people are expected to be affected by the condition by 2040. 12.3% of all blindness in the world is due to glaucoma, which is the primary cause of irreversible blindness.

What is the difference between an open angle and closed angle glaucoma?

The two forms of glaucoma are described below with more detail:

  • Glaucoma with an open angle: Open-angle glaucoma is the most common form of the disease. It starts out without any symptoms, but eventually side (peripheral) vision starts to fade, and if nothing is done, a person can go entirely blind.
  • Closed angle glaucoma is a less common form of the condition known as angle-closure glaucoma. It takes place when the eye’s drainage system becomes completely blocked, which quickly increases eye pressure.
How is Glaucoma Treated?

Depending on the type of glaucoma a patient has, treatment for the condition seeks to lower eyeball pressure. To effectively treat Glaucoma, however, a thorough understanding of the illness is necessary. There are numerous treatments available after detection. Eye drops, glaucoma laser trabeculoplasty, glaucoma implant surgery, non-penetrating glaucoma surgery, and conventional surgery are a few possible treatments. At Sharp Sight, one of the top glaucoma eye hospitals in India, we provide glaucoma laser therapy that lessens the long-term harm done to the eye’s optic nerve.

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