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Cataract Treatment

What is Cataract ?

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The natural crystalline lens inside the eye becomes clouded, which is the most known eye illness known as a cataract. This restricts the visual pathway that causes eyesight loss. Although it can happen to children as well, motiyabindoo typically affects older patients. Blindness may result if the condition is not treated.

Thankfully, this eye condition that causes blindness can be treated. When blurry vision makes it difficult to carry out daily tasks, it is time to see an eye doctor and have the Motiyabindu procedure. Furthermore, it’s crucial to realise that postponing cataract surgery puts the patient at risk for glaucoma, excessive eye pressure, and other eye issues like damage to the optic disc.

The appropriate time for cataract surgery will be determined by your eye specialist. It just takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete the entire operation, including the cataract surgery. No overnight hospital stay is required as a result.

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Cloudy Visison
Diffuse Light
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Double Vision in One Eye
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Sensitivity to Light
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Colors Appear Faded
Changing Prescription of Glasses

How Do I Know If I Have Cataract  ?

When eyes are experiencing blurred vision, increased sensitivity to light, difficulty seeing at night, or colors appearing faded, you may have a cataract. It is the time to consult your eye specialist for the eye checkup.

Advanced Technology & Diagnostic Tools

Advanced Technology & Diagnostic Tools: Experience cutting-edge cataract diagnosis and treatment with state-of-the-art technology, including high-resolution imaging, optical coherence tomography (OCT), and advanced femtosecond lasers. Accurate diagnostics and precise surgical techniques ensure optimal outcomes for your vision.

The femto catalyst machine utilizes ultrafast laser pulses to precisely create incisions in the cornea. This advanced technology enables the surgeon to perform highly accurate and customizable procedures, creating a flap with minimal disruption to surrounding tissue.

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The IOL Master 700 machine offers precise measurements and advanced imaging technology for cataract surgery. With its high accuracy and efficiency, it ensures optimal selection and placement of intraocular lenses, leading to improved visual outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction.

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Treatment Options ?

With the most cutting-edge cataract care techniques now available, you may restore your eyesight and your quality of life.

Robotic Femto

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Trifocal, Multifocal and Toric IOLs

Our advanced cataract surgery offers a breakthrough experience. With no pain, stitches, admissions, or bandages, you can enjoy a swift and comfortable procedure. Trust our expert team to restore your vision with precision and care. See the world clearly again, effortlessly.

Best Treatment for Cataract  ?

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Robotic Femto Cataract Surgery

Narang Eye Institute is the pioneer in Robotic Cataract Surgery with the CATALYS Femto Cataract System. We use IOL Master 700 It is a state-of-the-art bladeless system specifically designed to meet the current challenges while performing cataract surgery to deliver the best clinical outcomes possible and provide reliably outstanding results to the patients.

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Good To Know Cataract Questions

Cataracts are the most frequent cause of blindness in the world. With availability of new advanced phaco systems, cataract treatment is a very comfortable and painless daycare process. It doesn’t require use of injection, suturing and bandage, enabling individual to start his/her routine activity from the very next day.

Is it possible to remove of specs along with cataract surgery?

It is indeed feasible. Modern phaco refractive surgical methods make it possible to do away with glasses for both near- and far-sightedness. These treatments involve the removal of cataracts as well as the implantation of Toric, Multifocal, and EDOF IOLs.

When should I get my cataract operated?

As long as cataracts don’t affect your daily life, you can postpone surgery. It is time to think about surgery, though, if your cataract makes it difficult for you to do tasks or engage in hobbies, produces glare while driving, or blurs your vision.

How do I avoid worseing my cataract?

The chances of cataracts developing worse may be decreased when you lead a healthy lifestyle and consume a nutritious food. Additionally, you can stop cataract progression by avoiding medications that raise your chance of developing cataracts. Long-term use of specific eyedrops and medications for skin and other conditions are included. Reduce extended UV radiation exposure without protecting your skin as a last measure of protection. Even on cloudy days, protect your eyes from UV rays by wearing sunglasses.

Who is at risk for cataract development?

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