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Dr. S . K . Narang , Chairperson and Managing Director-NEI

MBBS, MS (Eye), Chief Cataract, Lasik & Retina Eye Surgeon

M.S., 1982-1984, LLRM Medical College Meerut INDIA

Fellow Vitreo Retinal Sankara Netralaya Chennai-1986

Fellow-FICO KIRYU-Japan-1996

Sr. Consultant Anterior Segment, Cataract Surgery & retina.

Sr. Consultant LASIK Services (2004 till date)

Head of Department – Cataract Services (1989 till date)

As the Head of the Lasik & Refractive Services at Narang Eye Institute, have been doing most of the LASIK,EPILASIK & customized surgeries.

Performing all other refractive procedures like Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL-Phakic IOL).

Catering to approximately 50,000+ patients in the OPD of NEI in a year.

Performing majority of emergency surgeries in the institute.

Managing various sorts of disorders of the anterior/posterior segment in the community patients.

There is an irrigating chopper named after me and I was the first person in the country to do presbyopic lasik by creating pseudo accommodative cornea.

All types of Anterior Segment/Posterior Surgeries including all types of cataract surgeries.

Lasik Surgeries

Various Refractive Surgeries


Medical & surgical retina                                                                 

All India Ophthalmological Society, almost every year after post graduation.

Papers presented at ASCRS/ESCRS

Head of Round Table Meeting on Multifocal IOLs at Meerut /Delhi

Live Surgery and Paper presentation at Delhi Ophthalmological Society Annual conferences -2006 to every year.

IIRS Delhi –various papers 2006 onwards till date

 Speaker and convener at various Continuing Medical Education programs in Delhi/ Dehradun/Meerut/ /Kanpur/Lucknow

 Live Surgery DOS & IIRS regional Conferences- 2012 onwards till date

Performed more than 90,000 Phacoemulsification/Microincision Cataract Surgeries with IOL Implantation under topical or local Anesthesia

Performed more than 5000 cataract surgeries by ECCE technique.

Performed around 100 Trabeculectomies with or without Antimetabolites

Performed more than 22,000 LASIK surgeries and more than 3000 Femto lasik surgeries.

Performed implantable contact lenses (ICL) (STAAR) 1000 Eyes

Multifocal and Toric IOLs (more than 1000)

Performed more than 1550 Femto Laser Assisted surgeries on Catalys.

Performed more than 2000 VR surgeries

Retinal Lasers and Intravitreal injections for management of Retinal diseases.

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