Why corneal collagen cross-linking is the best treatment for keratoconus?

Corneal collagen cross-linking keratoconus surgery in Delhi is certainly a revolution as it provides long-lasting benefits. And it works well for patients of all ages and those experiencing unstable keratoconus. Also, patients can even see the slight flattening of the cornea.

Procedure of corneal collaged cross linking surgery

The surgery is often referred as C3R as it involves use of riboflavin. The treatment involves bathing the cornea in riboflavin. A solution of riboflavin is used for the procedure. Keratoconus corneal eye is bathed in the solution and then exposed to the UV light. But it is made sure that the riboflavin solution has penetrated the cornea completely. The UV light activates riboflavin that strengthens the collagen fiber connections called cross linking.

Approved by FDA in 2016, the treatment boosts corneal strength greatly. And the advantage of the increased strength is it stabilizes the cornea and it can even prevent further steepening of the cornea. While keratoconus surgery in Delhi is beneficial for people of all ages, it is considered more advantageous for younger patients.

Cross linking and contact lenses

The biggest benefit of cross linking surgery is prevention of progression of the disease. While it can also improve vision to some extent but patients could require contact lenses for further improvement in vision. Most patients reported considerable vision improvement after wearing contact lenses. Patients are provided contact lenses at least one or two months after the surgery.

In your case, your keratoconus treatment hospital Delhi will decide whether you need contact lenses. First, the cornea will be treated with surgical procedure and then you will be prescribed a contact lens depending on your vision improvement. But the good thing is that the surgery will prevent further progression of the disease providing lasting relief from the painful eye condition.

Should I try non-surgical treatment methods for keratoconus?

It is only an eye surgeon that can make an opinion on a specific condition. Unless you go through an eye exam, it is difficult to say that whether you will require surgery. But if your keratoconus is progressing then it is advisable that you choose surgery that will stop progression of the disease.

The keratoconus treatment hospital Delhi that will operate on your eye will also set contact lenses for vision improvement. Your first priority should be to prevent further development of the disease as it will lead to loss of vision in the long run.