What do you need to know before going for Lasik laser surgery?

Inspired by benefits of customized Lasik laser surgery, many people go for the treatment but with high hopes that often fall short of reality. For example, your reliance on eyeglasses or contacts will be significantly reduced if not entirely removed after the treatment.

If you wear glasses or contacts for vision correction and thinking of going for Lasik treatment then you should first get some education on the procedure so that you understand how it works and what its advantages are.

What is Lasik vision correction?

As evident from the name, the process is to correct vision-related problems. The human eye works like a lens. Light enters into the cornea from where it travels to the retina that prepares an image of the source of the light and sends it to the brain for interpretation. But refraction errors like steeper or flat cornea trigger vision distortion leading to blurred and doubling of images.

Prescription glasses can correct vision but it keeps changing with age and other factors. If you are struggling with prescription glasses or contacts then you should certainly go for Lasik surgery in Delhi. It will rid you of heavy and expensive prescription glasses. But you might require light prescription glasses post-surgery depending on your vision error.

What is the procedure of laser surgery?

The surgery involves opening the cornea using a laser technology that cuts a very thin flap from the outer layer of the cornea. It allows access to inner layers for reshaping of the underlying layers. After the correction is made, the flap is closed and allowed to heal naturally. No stitches or bandages are required in laser surgery.

Lasik eye surgery cost varies from one hospital to another. There are many centers that charge less than 10K per eye while others charge up to 50K per eye. Since you are in Delhi, you can check the cost of Lasik treatment across the National Capital Region but you shouldn’t compromise on quality just to save some rupees.

The procedure won’t take much time in completing and you will be allowed to go home the same day. The first few days could be difficult but soon things will become normal and you will be allowed to go back to work.

Go for the best Lasik surgery in Delhi that promises the full benefits of laser treatment. The treatment will cost you a price but it is better to pay a price to lead a healthy and happy life in the years to come.