Contoura Vision Surgery

Contoura Eye Surgery – The Advanced Technique For Specs Removal

Contoura LASIK Surgery is a state-of-the-art technology approved by the FDA for the removal of spectacles using laser vision correction. The procedure not only corrects your spectacle power but also treats corneal irregularities and improves the visual axis, leading to outstanding visual outcomes. Patients who undergo Contoura vision surgery often experience better vision than before, and many of them can see clearly without their glasses. Furthermore, there is a significant reduction in glare around lights.

The Topolyser is a diagnostic tool that offers unparalleled accuracy in detecting even the slightest irregularities in the corneal curvature. With over 22,000 points of measurement, Contoura Vision Surgery provides a more precise evaluation compared to the traditional wavefront-guided LASIK, which measures only around 200 points. As a result, the treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s specific needs, making it an excellent choice for correcting refractive errors. This way, patients no longer have to rely on glasses or contact lenses to achieve clear vision.


Why Choose NARANG EYE INSTITUTE for Contoura Eye Surgery?

  • Sharp, Clear Vision
  • Superb Results. 99.4% of patients were highly satisfied
  • Excellent Night Vision. Many patients achieve excellent night vision
  • Quick Results. Often, patients can achieve improved vision immediately following the procedure
  • Can be done at any age
  • US FDA–Approved
  • Pain – Less/No Injections
  • No Hospitalization
  • Walk-in – Walk out Specs Free
  • No injection is used


“According to clinical trial statistics, nearly 90% of patients saw as well or better without glasses after surgery as they did with glasses.”


How Does It Work?

This procedure works by utilizing these methods:

  • Measuring and treating the aberration profile on the surface of the cornea
  • Centering on the apex of the cornea rather than the pupil as in traditional LASIK
  • Using the cornea’s unique shape to customize treatment and better minimize corneal aberrations

Like in traditional LASIK, a laser is used to reshape the eye. This helps light enter the eye in a way that better focuses it, helping the patient to see more clearly.

While not everyone who undergoes this kind of treatment achieves a level of visual acuity higher than their current visual acuity when they wear corrective eyewear like glasses or contacts, a sizable minority do —about 30 percent, according to Alcon.


Surprising key-facts about Contoura vision surgery

One of the key features of Contoura Vision Surgery is that it does not involve the use of blades, stitches, or injections during the procedure, which minimizes discomfort and potential risks.

Additionally, the procedure does not require hospitalization, which can alleviate stress and anxiety for patients. The surgery is simple to perform, and the recovery time is relatively short, resulting in minimal downtime for patients.


Are You A Candidate for Contoura Vision surgery ?  Let’s find out !

Undoubtedly, Contoura Vision Surgery is an effective method for correcting vision. However, it is essential to undergo a comprehensive medical examination under the supervision of an eye doctor to determine eligibility for the procedure. During the examination, the doctor will evaluate the patient’s eye health and discuss the necessary steps for the procedure.

Patients who are considered eligible for Contoura Vision Surgery include:

  • Over 18 years of age.
  • Myopia should not exceed -10.0 D.
  • Hypermetropia of +6.0 D
  • Astigmatism -/+ of 6.0 D
  • Being free of vascular or immunodeficiency disease

Meeting the surgical eligibility criteria can increase the chances of obtaining the desired results after undergoing Contoura Vision Surgery. Moreover, seeking guidance from an experienced ophthalmologist can assist in making an informed decision. To initiate the process conveniently, it is advisable to arrange an initial consultation with Narang Eye Hospital.


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At Narang Eye Institute, I have done by glasses removal surgery done by Dr Narang with C-Lasik Technology. I was having very high number at by both eyes & after Lasik Laser Surgery, I can see very clear without glasses. Thanks to Narang Eye Institute & its team


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