Customized Lasik Laser Surgery (cLASIK)

Refractive Vision Correction mainly deals in correcting refractive errors which are the most common eye conditions affecting the vision worldwide. These refractive errors occur when the shape of your eye

We have given smiles to hundreds of patients through our Customized Lasik Laser Surgery Services, Lasik is the revolutionary ophthalmologic procedure that has given people better vision for nearly two decades. Also known as refractive surgery, LASIK is a highly specialized and increasingly customized elective procedure that corrects the imperfections in the cornea that cause common vision problems.

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At Narang Eye Institute, I have done by glasses removal surgery done by Dr Narang with C-Lasik Technology. I was having very high number at by both eyes & after Lasik Laser Surgery, I can see very clear without glasses. Thanks to Narang Eye Institute & its team


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