Blade Free Lasik Laser Surgery

IFS™ -100% Blade Free Lasik Laser

iFS™ world’s best State of the art technology for 100% Blade Free Lasik Surgery in Delhi is now available at Narang Eye Institute for Glasses removal.

The Femtosecond IntraLase Technology is a 100% blade-free approach to create a corneal flap before Lasik Surgeon exposes the part of the eye that is reshaped during the LASIK procedure. Alternative to the IntraLase Method, doctors created corneal flaps with an mechanical instrument called a microkeratome, which is hand-held device with precise blade to make a flap. The newer technology, blade free technology completely eliminate the complication which sometime to develop with conventional technology for making flap. With this technology the thickness of flap making is precisely planned specially the case where corneal thickness is compromised The IntraLase Blade Free Lasik Surgery completely eliminates the need to use a blade using most advanced Intralase laser delivering rapid pulses of light to a pre-programmed depth and position within your cornea, creating a flap without using any mechanical blade. Blade Free Lasik is a unique way in which using IntraLase Laser a precise positioned layer of bubbles just beneath the surface of your eye, it creates a smooth even surface after your flap is lifted. With the IntraLase Method, LASIK is not only 100% blade-free, but also allows your surgeon to tailor-make the flap based on what’s best for your eye.

The benefits to using the IntraLase Method

  • Less weakening of corneal biomechanics, less risk of ectasia, better stability
  • Faster visual recovery
  • Fewer LASIK flap-related complications,
  • Fewer induced higher order aberrations. Higher order aberrations may contribute to visual disturbances such as halos and glare.
  • Customized dimensions of your corneal flap based on what’s best for your eye. Everything from the diameter of your flap to the angle of its edges can be precisely determined. This is important because everyone’s eyes are shaped a little differently. Having a corneal flap that’s individualized to the patient contributes to excellent postoperative outcomes.
  • Less weakening of corneal biomechanics, less risk of ectasia, better stability
  • Better quality of vision
  • Better contrast sensitivity
  • Fewer complications, less glare, fewer halos
  • Less incidence of post-operative dry eye
  • Reduced loss of corneal sensitivity
  • Greater flap thickness predictability
  • Ability to treat more patients, and higher levels of myopia
  • Can treat thinner corneas
  • Reduced enhancement rate

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At Narang Eye Institute, I have done by glasses removal surgery done by Dr Narang with C-Lasik Technology. I was having very high number at by both eyes & after Lasik Laser Surgery, I can see very clear without glasses. Thanks to Narang Eye Institute & its team


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