Diabetic Retinopathy or diabetic eye disease affects up to 80% of diabetic patients with a history of diabetes mellitus for 20 years or more. A leading cause of blindness among diabetic patients, the disease can be controlled with proper management that involves treatment.

The longer the history of diabetes, the higher the chances of developing diabetic eye in the retina. But careful management of blood sugar level and timely intervention can prevent the disease from taking a harmful proportion.

Laser Surgery

Laser therapy can seal the leaking retina blood vessels to reduce swelling and pain. Also, the shrunk vessel won’t bloat again. But a patient could require more one therapy depending on his/her condition.


Those with advanced PDR can go for Vitrectomy the leaking gel and blood is removed from the leaking vessels. It allows retina to see light again. But the scar tissue might need removal from the retina.

Diabetic people can visit our clinic for eye exams to make sure that they are free from Diabetic Retinopathy. Early signs of the problems can be found in eye exams and treatment started to control the development of disease and keep the eyes safe. Regular eye exam by trained ophthalmologists is a must for all diabetic patients.