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We started Narang Eye Institute 1993 with a vision to offer Quality Eye care Services in North Part of Delhi. Narang Eye Institute C-Lasik Laser & Retina Institute mission is to provide patient with reliable, timely and accurate ophthalmic diagnostic and treatment facilities to help alleviate their eye problems.

We continually strive to improve the quality of our ophthalmic services to fulfil our set objectives and meet national / international standards through regular training to our staff and purchase of latest technology equipment’s.

Established over 25 years ago by our Medical Director and Chief Surgeon, Dr. S. K. Narang, Narang Eye Institute was the first to adopt any new Technology in Eye-care.

Technological advancements aside, we continue to be the leader in the industry for the personable approach we adopt towards every patient. Our professional team provides exceptional services and employs the highest standards of patient care. Many Eye Surgeons refer their most difficult cases to Narang Eye Institute .Only. This is a true testimony to the skill and knowledge of Dr. S. K. Narang and his professional team.

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At Narang Eye Institute, I have done by glasses removal surgery done by Dr Narang with C-Lasik Technology. I was having very high number at by both eyes & after Lasik Laser Surgery, I can see very clear without glasses. Thanks to Narang Eye Institute & its team


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