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  • I am extremely happy with my decision to choose 100% Blade Free Lasik Surgery at Narang Eye Institute, the Blade Free Technology at NEI is latest in Delhi and most safe, simple & painless & immediate after procedure I could see with glasses with very sharp clarity. I was using glasses for more than 20 years & thanks Dr Narang for bringing latest technology in Blade Free Lasik at lowest rates in Delhi. Ms Richa Kapoor
  • I am able to see very clear & sharp after Cataract Surgery done at Narang Eye Institute, doctor & staff are very cooperative & patient caring. Mrs Alka Gupta, 62 Year, Rohini
  • At Narang Eye Institute, I have done by glasses removal surgery done by Dr Narang with C-Lasik Technology. I was having very high number at by both eyes & after Lasik Laser Surgery, I can see very clear without glasses. Thanks to Narang Eye Institute & its team Ms Kavita, 23 Year, Ashok Vihar
  • Due to very high diabetics, I developed retinal complication. I got my retina treatment done at Narang Eye Institute. I happy to see progress in my vision & control of disease. Thanks to Medical Team of NEI & the state of the Art Technology to diagnose retinal disease progression & its timely treatment. Mr Anil Dube, 56 Year, Panipat
  • I have been very pleased with my Lasik Surgery. Great comments have been made on the Glasses Removal, counting on great ones on the Laisk Procedure. Thank you so much!" Mr Deepak, 23 year, Meerut
  • I started noticing hazy vision during night. After visiting Narang Eye Institute, i was diagnosed with Cataract in my eyes but in Left Eye it was more prominent. I have gone of MICS Cataract Surgery in Delhi at Narang Eye Institute, after Cataract Surgery i can see very clear from my left eye. Thanks to the team of Dr Narang providing best patient care services. I can say, Narang Eye Institute is best Cataract Surgery Hospital in Delhi. Mrs Shakuntla Devi, 56 Year, Ashok Nagar, New Delhi
  • I have chosen SBK Lasik in Delhi at Narang Eye, thank to the team of NEI & technology offered. Now I am free ot Glasses & Contact Lenses permanently Ms Bhawan, 23 year, Preet Vihar, New Delhi
  • If anyone is looking for Lasik Surgery in Delhi at most reasonable or cheapest rates with Cutting Edge Technology which is FDA approved, one can choose Narang Eye Institute for Lasik Surgery in Delhi. I was not having enough budgets to go for costly Lasik in Delhi & I was confused what to do? Then, my friend suggested Narang Eye Institute, where my friend gone of Lasik Surgery done 5 years back & he is enjoying vision without glasses after Lasik at NEI. At, Narang Eye Institute I got the lowest package for best technology Lasik in Delhi. Now I can see my world without glasses after 13 years of continuous wearing glasses. Thanks to NEI team Manoj, 27 year, Daryaganj
  • Thanks to Dr Narang & his team for giving me young vision in my Cataract Surgery operated Eye at Narang Eye Institute. I have been the patient of Dr Narang for last 20 year, he is the best Cataract Surgeon in Delhi Mrs Kavita Gupta, 69 Year, Enclave Sawan Park, Delhi
  • I have gone for Cataract Surgery in Delhi at Narang Eye Institute & operated by Dr Narang for MICS Cataract Surgery. It was a painless & quick MICS procedure by Dr Narang, now i can see very clearly. May God give him great strength to continue his good for society Mr K S Rawat, 86 Year, Shalimar Garden, New Delhi